True colors has always been our strength.

The Trend shows for Spring / Summer 2014 confirm again with a remarkable accuracy – our creative team has taken the precise decisions. We guarantee our clients that they can order fashionable sweaters and vest in their desired colours. Printed patterns, inlays and variety of other details set the fashion trends.
As usual our price ranges for sweaters and vest are in the affordable price range.
The yarn, used in the manufacturing process, meets the highest quality standards. The primary fine 50%cotton/50% acrylic uses only combed yarn.
The last season was one of the hardest, the industry has ever experienced.
Only the most competitive managed to establish themselves as some of the best in the business. As our clients confirm, “Kris Fashion” was one of them.
In addition “Kris Fashion” introduces to the German market the already proven design and pattern of PANTS. The fabric’s composite of cotton and elastane with optimal thickness will convince you that. The varieties of color combinations give you the opportunity to choose the most appropriate outfit for you.
Whoever wears pants is always well-dressed.
Our successful T-shirt collection is more interesting than ever. Let us surprise you.

Therefore – take look and than make a decision. We are always here for you!


Kris Fashion

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